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The Peaster Family

Mr. Peaster Mr. David T. Peaster. Due to my both my sound academic success and the amount of time I used to spend at the snooker table, I got to know Mr. Peaster fairly well. I am proud to say that my three years at Quantock went by without my ever incurring his wrath, save the time when he caught me in the television room in the small hours trying to keep track of a World Cup football match, when all he uttered was a curt "Ricky... I thought you were a good boy... now go!" We had a number of games of snooker over the three years I was at the school, and I regret to say that I probably lost the majority of them. I always held Mr. Peaster in high regard, and still do; he was a man of the old school, both firm but fair. Sadly, Mr. Peaster passed on after a long period of illness in the year 2000.

Mrs. Peaster Mrs. Janet Peaster. Mrs. Peaster, the head's wife, was better known to all of us simply as Matron, and will forever be associated - as far as I and many others are concerned, at least - with the administering of our annual flu jabs in the terrifyingly whitewashed infirmary and the taking us in the minibus (or sometimes her silver Volvo) to the scary orthodontist in Bridgwater. A certified SRN, Matron was in charge of all things medical, which also included the doling out of cough mixture and headache tablets. She was also in charge of the handing out of pocket money on Saturday afternoons. 3.50 to last a week - those were the days...

Mr. Philip Peaster Mr. Philip F. Peaster. Known to all as 'Mr. Phil', Mr. Philip Peaster was the school's enforcer, the man whom everybody from the youngest jub through to the oldest senior feared as much as they feared God himself. I myself had little to do with Mr. Phil for much of my time at Quantock, due to first my being in the Stable Block (with Mr. Burgess presiding) and then on Warriner's corridor, where the Head looked after things. Unfortunately, my first real brush with Mr. Phil was soon after moving into the sports hall block in the Summer of 1986 (over which Phil was lord and master), when I chucked a shoe through a glass window in trying to nail Olu Jinadu's head. I was doubly unfortunate in that Phil had chosen that particular moment to walk only yards from where the offending item landed...

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