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The Teaching and Support Staff

The Ultimate Educational Experience

Former Quantockians will remember the 'old place' for a number of different reasons - the location, the atmosphere, the food - but Quantock School was first and foremost an educational establishment, and the significant figures were of course the teachers.

Those of us who were there would attest that Quantock School certainly attracted a wide and somewhat unique range of teaching staff - from the dreadful to the excellent, from the ordinary to the truly extraordinary, and from the bizarrely madcap to the borderline insane.

When I was at Quantock during the mid to late 1980s most of the teachers were more than satisfactory (hark at me, delivering a report on those who might have written about me twenty years ago...), but as the end drew near the situation became increasingly desperate as the administration tried to keep hold of established staffers while at the same time recruiting some who were clearly not up to the job - some of whom were former pupils. By the mid 1990s the core staff list consisted of old hands, inexperienced recruits with next to no training and journeymen who were simply passing through.

This section is where we can read about those characters who helped shape our lives - the aim is to develop this section until there is a complete record of every teacher who ever taught at Quantock, complete with a short pen-portrait and, if possible, a photograph. The aim of this project is to reflect things as we, the pupils, saw them at the time - some may disagree with my positive stories of certain teachers, while others may scoff at my negative portrayal of those who they might have thought were the finest example of the profession since Robin Williams walked into the classroom in Dead Poets' Society. If anyone might have some interesting anecdote to add, please feel free to email me with the details.