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The Quantock School Prospectus

The Quantock School Prospectus

Unless we had older brothers (and later, sisters) at Quantock, the first we ever saw of it was in the wonderfully presented prospectus. There were six editions of the Quantock School prospectus in all, ranging from the spartan and to-the-point early editions through to the lavishly illustrated yet somewhat content-bereft imprint of 1994.

There are three editions of the prospectus for you to leaf through here - the monochrome eight-page document from 1965, the somewhat verbose yet curiously readable 1981 edition (which was convincing enough for my parents) and the sixth and final edition. The style, wording and presentation of each edition of the prospectus presents a fascinating view of how school life developed in a rapidly changing society - from the bans on 'tuck' and 'inappropriate' comics of the 1965 edition through to the illustrations of pupils sitting around in dressing gowns - in dorms covered in garish pop posters - not more than thirty years later. View them at your leisure - they will make you reminisce, laugh and cringe - possibly all at the same time.

For those of you using the latest browsers (IE 5+, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari, Camino) the images are presented using the wonderful 'lightbox' effect rather than boring ordinary popup windows. You can click on any of the page links to open up an individual image, but each document is best read by opening the cover images and leafing through the pages within the window itself. This can be done by either clicking on the 'Next' and 'Prev' boxes that appear when you position your mouse on the left and right sides of the image respectively, but also by using the 'N' and 'P' keys. To close the lightbox, simply click the 'X' at the bottom of the image.

The index pages for the three available editions of the Quantock School prospectus are listed on the sub-menu to the left. If anyone might have any copies of others please let me know.


The Prospectus

The Quantock School Prospectus is something that all of us will remember from our time at the 'School in the Forest'. If you might have a copy of a QS Prospectus that is not in this collection, please drop me a line and let me know!