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Quantock School Annual Reunion, June 10-11 2007

Participants: Far too many to mention... From the class of 1987: Michael Burrows, Wolfgang Dunn, Rick Joshua, William Whiteway-Wilkinson.

The weekend of June 9-11 2007 saw the traditional Quantock School reunion, and yet another monumental gathering at the old place. This was mine and Mikey's first big 'official' reunion, and Caroline also came along on what was her first visit to the 'Hogwarts of the West'. We arrived on the Saturday afternoon, just in time for the group photograph where Matron was presented with a bouquet.

The evening saw a somewhat traditional Quantock meal, consisting of spaghetti bolognaise followed with chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream. The only thing that was different from 1987 was that there were no jobs to clean the tables after us. After dinner we all headed out to the lawn for a game of cricket - well, something like that. There was plenty of excellent bowling - particularly from Zasha Whiteway-Wilkinson who proved to be something of a demon - and some shocking fielding in conditions that were perhaps not quite as bad as the recent World Cup Final.

Sunday morning saw a breakfast that rolled back the years, including that familiar Quantock bacon, sausages and buttered toast. Unfortunately, there were no sawn-off bottles of Marmite or lemon curd... After breakfast some of us ventured down the old cross-country route, albeit at a more gentle pace and without Mr. Phil bellowing at all of us to get a move on.

All in all, an enjoyable weekend had by all.

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