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The growth of the Internet and the rapid growth of the Quantock alumni online community has allowed a number of former Quantock pupils to find each other after sometimes many years. One of the aims of this site is to encourage ex-Quantockians to reforge old relationships that were founded at the school, and to help people to organise and facilitate gatherings so that they can relive old times.

There is something about going back to the "old place", a feeling that cannot easily be described. Following the reunion in June 2009, Sean Harvey, a Quantock pupil during the mid-seventies, was able to distill all of those feelings into an excellent piece that summed up what being at Quantock School meant to him. You can read it here.

This section of the site is in two parts, the first being concerned with reports and photographs from past Quantock School reunions and the second devoted to the planning and organisation of future gatherings. The photographs on this website are only from those that I have attended; you can find a wider selection on the dedicated Quantock School Reunions website.

If you might be planning a reunion and would like to have it announced here or if you have any comments and/or photographs from recent gatherings, please send me an email at info@quantockschool.co.uk.