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This site has for the most part been written in my own time and with my own memories, but I could not have added those finishing touches without help from a number of other old Quantockians. In particular I'd like to thank Mike Blake ('Blakey'), whose excellent work in creating the very popular Quantock School Community has assisted me greatly - the resource he has created has provided a wonderful source of historical and anecdotal information as well as photographs from both before and after my time at Quantock School. Blakey himself unleashed more than a few funny memories with his own take on some of the unique terms that were used at Quantock.

Other old Quantockians worthy of praise are Lawrie Booth for his wonderful recollections of life at Quantock School during its early years, William Whiteway-Wilkinson for providing further info on the Quantock School colloquialisms, Michael Burrows for donating his copy of the wonderfully informative magazine Quantock Scene, and Brian Perryman for his excellent research on Quantock Lodge and the Labouchere family which provided the core of the opening chapters of the History section of the site. Thanks are also in order to Mr Gerry Warriner who kindly provided me with my extremely valued copies of both the 1981 and 1994 prospectus.

Finally I'd like to thank the Peaster family, all of the teachers - both good and bad - as well as all of my former colleagues at Quantock, even those I may not have got on with at the time, for providing me with the memories - and hence the inspiration - for developing this site.


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