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The Quantock School Campus

Buildings and Facilities

Over the years as Quantock School developed and the pupil population grew, a number of new teaching units, accommodation blocks and sports facilities were built. While some of the newer buildings might be unfamiliar to some (particularly those who were at Quantock before the 1980s), they were part of what was and still is a familiar landscape to many. These buildings included the new teaching block built in the early 1980s and the heated swimming pool opened in 1987-88.

A good many Quantock School pupils in the later years would have been domiciled in one or more of these buildings, and it is highly likely that each place would hold different memories for different people. On this page you will see a small selection of images of some of the buildings and facilities at Quantock, each accompanied by a short description. Most of these images were taken during the Spring of 2000, while some are from video footage taken during the Summer of 2001.

Campus Snapshots

The Old Building & Gym. The Old Building viewed from across the patio. On the right is the old gym, which was later used for chapel before being converted into a dining hall in the late 1980s.

The Old Building. A view of the old building from just outside the old gym. The room on the right was once the dining hall, before being converted into a common room and the final home of the snooker table.

The Camelia Theatre. The classically-designed Camelia Theatre, venue for many a Quantock School performance, was next to the junior teaching blocks and overlooking the interior gardens near the old building.

The Old Gym. A view of the interior of the old gym, which was finally converted into the new dining room. The dining service counters were located in an annex which was built in the late 1980s.

The Patio Block. Located across from the old building and separated by the patio after which it was named, the Patio Block had two accommodation floors, housing fifth-year pupils. On the ground floor were two large classrooms, which were used for English lessons.

The Tennis Court. Built in the mid-1980s, the tennis court was located immediately behind the Patio Block. Being a gravel court, it was hardly conducive to the Boris Beckeresque game that was fashionable at the time, which involved flinging oneself across the width of the court...

The Junior Teaching Block. Located next door to both the Camelia theatre and the new chapel (later the new dining room) and across from the Patio Black, this small block contained a number of classrooms used by the junior pupils.

The Sports Hall Block. The Sports Hall Block had three floors, and was equipped by a number of fully furnished two-man dorms and shower block. It was attached to the heated Sports Hall after which it was named.

Entrance Road and Swimming Pool. The swimming pool attached to the sports hall block, completed in the late 1980s, is the short building on the left of this photo. The road led all the way to the main school gate, and was often used as the starting point for cross-country runs.

The Engineering Works. In this image you can see the entrance portal to the engineering works, Mr Phil's "second home". Located close to the art room and across the path from the Sports Hall Block, the unit was fully equipped with every machine and craft tool known to man.

The Art Room. A short walk up from the theatre and junior teaching block was the battered old art room, which also contained the kiln used for baking and glazing those masterpieces created in Mr Owen's lessons. In this image, you can see the entrance.

The Stable Block. Located near the old stables, the Stable Block was built in the early 1980s and was first used as third year accommodation. It was later used to house the first girls who attended the school.

The New Teaching Block. Overlooking the main sports field, the new teaching block was opened in the early 1980s and was equipped with a number of modern science laboratories. The rooms were used for the sciences, Geography, History, French and Computer Studies.

The Main Sports Field. Located near the stables, the large main playing field was used for occasional cricket matches, athletics and the annual school sports day. It was always in wonderful condition, usually manicured with loving care - something that has remained to this day.