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Class of 1987 Mini Reunion, Quantock School April 07 2001

Participants: Michael Burrows, Murray Crane, Paul Davies, Rick Joshua, Scott Parker, Darren Weeks, William Whiteway-Wilkinson.

At last, it had to happen - half a dozen and one Quantockians back together at the "old place". This momentous occasion saw the gathering of the four from the Croydon reunion, as well as Scott Parker and Paul "Wolfie" Davies. Also pencilled in had been Nigel McAlwane and Jon Bradshaw, but last-minute problems prevented what would have been a far larger gathering. All of us met at the school in the school car park, and after the initial exchanges (after some fourteen years for some of us!) we went for a tour around our old haunts, encountering Mr Warriner (who went on to provide us with a number of his interesting tales) and Mr Phil on the way.

After the school tour, the convoy then moved onto the village of Williton on the A39 towards Minehead, and the Forester's Arms - the rooms having been arranged by Scott Parker. The evening saw a hearty meal, copious amounts of alcohol, just as intoxicating amounts of Quantockian banter, and - to round off what was a great and long evening - a number of games of pool!

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